Life is About Forgiving

In a family, there are parents Chamreun and Rady, and a daughter, Pechary. Pehcary is short, generous, and she likes helping her friends. When she goes to school, she meets a new friend, Nary. Nary doesn’t like Pechary. She always disturbs Pechary by saying bad things, but Pechary doesn’t care about her and smiles right back to her.

One Monday morning, Nary said to Pechary nasty words, “Pechary, I hate you! I don’t like you! You are too short!”

Pechary replied, “If you hate me, it is your right. But I never hate. I love you. I like you. You are also my good friend.”

On Monday afternoon, when Nary went back home, she had an accident and she could not walk. She sat in a wheelchair. After four days, she was better and she went to school, but no one talked with her and played with her. She felt alone. One day, her classmate Nisa said, “You are disadvantaged person!”

When Pechary hears this, she tries to tell Nisa, “You shouldn’t say that! No one is disadvantaged person. Every person is good and better.” When Nisa hears that, she is shy and apologizes to Nary.

“I’m sorry Nary,” says Nisa.

Nary smiles and replies, “It’s okay.”

Then Nisa goes away. After that, Nary asks Pechary, “Why are you good to me? I did many bad things with you.”

Pechary replies, “I told you already. You are also my good friend. My parents always advise me to forgive is the best way to live altogether.” Nary smiled with her tears and said, “I’m sorry, thanks for your kindness.”

Pechary replies, “It’s okay. We are good friends forever. We smile altogether and keep on our dreams and forgive each other.”

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Mistake is a Life Experience

In Aranh village, there is a poor family of four people. Bopha a girl 15, Dara a boy
16, and their parents Phors and Sela. Bopha is a good student, a good friend, and a good
daughter. She is kind and loving. Dara is a playboy – he doesn’t respect his teachers, his
parents, or girls. And, he doesn’t try to study.

On Sunday afternoon, Bopha and Dara went to extra study class. Dara likes to annoy
the girls in the class. He says inappropriate words to them. The girls are angry; they also
feel down and depressed. The girls are tired of Dara’s harassment. Bopha is angry and sad
too. She feels awful about what her brother does. The girls hate Dara. Dara and Bopha

Bopha says, “You don’t harass these girls! You should change your behavior I just
remind you!”

The other girls say, “You are a rude boy! We hate you Dara!”
Dara reply’s, “I am showing off for my friends! I don’t care what you feel or think! I
like doing this!”

The girls tell Dara to go away. When he is alone, he feels guilty about his behavior.
Dara returns home. At home, he talks to his parents. Phor and Sela give him good advice to
help him change his ways. Dara returns to the class to study.

He says to his classmates, “I’m sorry.”

The girls forgive him.

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Warm Home

Everyone needs a home
Home is a good place
good safe.
When I stay at home with my family
I feel so warm, freedom
I don’t care about any problem when I stay at home.
Everywhere isn’t like our home.
We aren’t scared
When we are at home.
When we have a home, we can be sure about everything around us.
Home is really good.
I am proud, stronger, braver, dare.
I love my home.

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Advantage of English School

Everyone needs to learn English.
It can make us have a good life.
good job.
good speaking.
We need to study hard, work hard.
I want to share my idea about English with everyone.
When I can speak English, I am proud.
School is a good place for us.
We can know about everything when we go to school to study.
English school is really good for everybody.
It also has a lot of advantages.
Our dreams will come true,
With our success.

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Wonder of My Country

Ta Prohm is historic place. We can visit a lot of forests and temples. It has a lot of foreign
visitors at temple. I’m happy, funny, proud.
Tonle Sap Lake is a place for fisherman. When foreigners come to Cambodia – they always
go to Tonle Sap Lake.
It’s a travel place. It has lots of fish.
When a lot of foreigners come to Cambodia, I’m happy, funny, and I
want foreigners to come to Cambodia more.
I want to help my world, because this world gives the land for me to live.
I help my world by studying hard and find a good job.

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Place of Life

We wonder
What is going on around us?
What is happening in my future?
It will be happy, sad, or smile, hopeless, happiness.
We don’t know, but now
we smile together, dance together
Think together, share knowledge, help, dream.
It is our place now.
In the future
What is our place?
We will be a good person, a brave person,
a strong person, a lovely person,
a smart person.
Everything have place, but what place will be for me in the future?
I will be a strong person, help my friends, help people who I love.
A fantastic person,
A delighted person,
A generous person.
Every person have place, but we try to find a good place. Have advantage.
However, we love our place,
we love it, do it.
Everything have place and smile to do it.

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View on the Lake

We visit the forest around the lake – travel.
The travels on the lake… imagine my future, our future.
We are going to go to the lake, we see fish, fishing, a lifestyle.
House on the water.
We smile together, dance together, stay together,
We are happy together.
Then we study together with best friends.
Our place is to share knowledge.
We go visit around the lake and driver takes visitors around to look,
Green forest goes on and we eat fish together.

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Place of Future Plan

We are students and have duty to study and my duty is to listen to teacher teach.
When I finish my studies, I want to be a doctor.
I am happy to help people in the society, together.
I want to go to a beach because it is comfort
and my parents are happy for me.
Comfort makes me happy, fresh, but
I don’t have money, but I try to find it for my plan.
When I finish my studies.

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My Love

I think that I am a sister and a daughter in my family.
And, my family always thinks that I need to be more good for my family than my
younger sister and my younger brother.
So, I need to think and do something good,
and can help my family and I do not make mistakes.
Sometimes I never think about myself and I always think about my family too much.
Sometime I think that I make everyone happy,
Although I never know that myself is happy or sad.
I’m happy and smile when I see my family, and friends are happy and they are laughing.
Sometimes I always ask myself, what is happening in my future?
If I think of my feelings.
Although, I still think about their feelings too!

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Everyone in the world was born without everything.
They are born with a fresh mind, and have different attitudes.
Some are shy, brave, happy, free and strong!
However, they must have the communication!
So, as friends we need to share knowledge,
help each other,
We need to think, what is happening in the future?
We don’t know what challenges we will have,
but we will do as much as we can to keep our friendship.
We must fight the challenges we face.
Just like the sunshine behind the rain,
We will see a sunny day.
Our communication/friendship will not end.

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