This is a Life

We need love
from dad, mom
son and daughter
holding each other
go together
to cross the bridge.

Now I still study
so the thing I see is the bridge of knowledge.
Mum and dad
said read, write and listening are important
because I’m a student, I should do it.

My family make me warm
so I am strong to cross the bridge of knowledge.
I will study hard
to make my family proud of me
and I will see my family get

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My Love

I think that I am a sister and a daughter in my family.
And, my family always thinks that I need to be more good for my family than my
younger sister and my younger brother.
So, I need to think and do something good,
and can help my family and I do not make mistakes.
Sometimes I never think about myself and I always think about my family too much.
Sometime I think that I make everyone happy,
Although I never know that myself is happy or sad.
I’m happy and smile when I see my family, and friends are happy and they are laughing.
Sometimes I always ask myself, what is happening in my future?
If I think of my feelings.
Although, I still think about their feelings too!

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