The Life of Orphans

In the village, there is a family of four members who live at the top of luxury. There are two children. Their names are Tim and Piseth. Tim is 18-years old and Piseth is 16-years old. They are students. Tim and Piseth are good students, good children, good friends, smart, and study hard. They are very kind and beautiful girls.

One day, their parents had an accident and passed away. Tim and Piseth become orphans; however, they never give up studying. During the nighttime, they work as waiters in the restaurant from 6:00pm to 12:00am. They try to earn a living to continue to finish their study at university. After they study, they will graduate. They have a goal to be teachers for development and education of other children in their village.

People living in the village regard their good example, respect, and are obedient to them. They always have hope, enjoy their life, and keep fighting all challenges for themselves and their community.