Place of Life

We wonder
What is going on around us?
What is happening in my future?
It will be happy, sad, or smile, hopeless, happiness.
We don’t know, but now
we smile together, dance together
Think together, share knowledge, help, dream.
It is our place now.
In the future
What is our place?
We will be a good person, a brave person,
a strong person, a lovely person,
a smart person.
Everything have place, but what place will be for me in the future?
I will be a strong person, help my friends, help people who I love.
A fantastic person,
A delighted person,
A generous person.
Every person have place, but we try to find a good place. Have advantage.
However, we love our place,
we love it, do it.
Everything have place and smile to do it.

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Place of Future Plan

We are students and have duty to study and my duty is to listen to teacher teach.
When I finish my studies, I want to be a doctor.
I am happy to help people in the society, together.
I want to go to a beach because it is comfort
and my parents are happy for me.
Comfort makes me happy, fresh, but
I don’t have money, but I try to find it for my plan.
When I finish my studies.

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Temple is a Legacy of Culture

Ta Prohm, a historic place – a lot of stones, trees, good weather – are beautiful. All people
live in Cambodia like to visit there because everyone wants to know about something there.
Everyone is happy to see ancient temple, we smile together, dance together.
Our place is good for being together.
My place is to be strong for us, for everyone.
My place is to develop.
My place is to help make the world better.
help to develop.
help to take care.
I want to be a teacher, because I want to help society group up.
I study…
improve my English skills.

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