Two Better Than One

The way we know each other
we’re the leaf of the tree,
we take care.
Learning together,
try as much as you can.
Time is never waiting for you,
smiling with everyone.

Helping with each other,
will improve yourself.

Don’t think you’re the best,
sharing your idea.

If we fall, fall together.
Make sure you’re here.
Try harder again,
no one is always perfect.

We never give up.
We will get a good result.

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Everyone is Me

I can’t live alone
so I must
get you with me.
I help you see that
the world is meaningful.
You bring me to get
a beautiful life,
make my destiny
to know something
around you,
understand about
sadness and happiness.

In just one minute
my mind can change.
So in that time
I am clear to know.
We all need
each other to get success
with our goal.

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On the Bridge

One day I walk on a street
I see a bridge near the river
I walk across the bridge
with my two best friends.

We are on the bridge
We are playing together
We are loving each other
Forever we are best friends.

Then we are discussing about
what we do in our future.
We promise to help each other
and never forget when we were on the bridge.

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Two Ways of Thinking

Life is meaningful.
Everyone has a different mind.
They walk in two ways,
good and bad
because no one’s perfect.

We have mistakes.
We can’t correct it now
but later, we can.
So walk, walk, walk and walk
to show the world that you are changing.

The world loves you.
It gives you many things.
And it is always on your side.
So please do something in return back
but try, try and try not to damage it.

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This is a Life

We need love
from dad, mom
son and daughter
holding each other
go together
to cross the bridge.

Now I still study
so the thing I see is the bridge of knowledge.
Mum and dad
said read, write and listening are important
because I’m a student, I should do it.

My family make me warm
so I am strong to cross the bridge of knowledge.
I will study hard
to make my family proud of me
and I will see my family get

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Don’t Be Scared

Come along with me,
don’t be scared of what you
will find.

Go up into the sky,
don’t be shy, go and
connect your relationships.
Walking across the river
you will find your parent,
and the heaven will protect
you from evil or demons.

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The Friendship

Friendship is a bridge
that I really need the most,
is the person that I trust.
Those are important.

At school you have a teacher.
She always teaches you the good thing
so I just bring my feeling
to get into the class.

At home I have a family
that makes me feel happy.
Sometimes you feel sad and they help you.

My life is like walking on a bridge.
Sometime you have a bit of an obstacle,
but people help you solve it all
and you can cross it easily.

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The Test of Life

Life is a test, a test that the god gives us.
We must pass, pass that test.
We need to break, break the obstacles
to graduate, graduate to our goal.

There is a river, a river of hell
under the bridge, the bridge of life.
We must be brave, brave for our life.
If you don’t trust yourself, yourself will kill you.
We all need help, help from all of you.

We are one, one on one way.
We are happy, happy to pass the fire of life.
We are with you, with you for your future.
A bright heaven, heaven you want
in front of you. You must go.
We stay with you until we’re gone.

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Together To Be Strong

We are human,
we make relationships
to make one huge family.
We never give up
we are still holding hands
we are still helping each other
to cross the bridge of life.

Walking together
up and down
with boys and girls
to know each other
to do good things.
We love each other.
Don’t be afraid to cross the obstacles.

I’m here for you.
Together for one.
The way to find happiness
is to connect,
to build a strong bridge
that everyone needs.

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New Beginnings – A Group Poem

HOME is a safe place and gives you peace of mind.

HOME is comfort

HOME is like a family,

Enjoy friends and share different experiences,

Teaching and comforting.

Asking for help and security

Crying, too much thinking…

Freedom and NEW beginnings?

Happy and smiling together while relaxing.

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