The Result of Illegal Act

In Treak Village, there is a rich family of four people. Pick, Reaksa, and their parents’ names are Thai and Da. Pick and Reaksa go to school and Pick isn’t into the class. He always goes for a walk with his friends. He and his friends never care about studying.

One day, there are exams. Reaksa goes to school because she knows she has exams, but Pick doesn’t go to school with his sister. Reaksa tries to find Pick, but she doesn’t see him. When monthly exam finished, Pick was failed the exam, but Reaksa passed the exam. After, Pick’s parents know about the exam result. His parents advise him. He doesn’t listen to his parents. Pick is angry with his parents and does something that is illegal such as smoke drugs and fighting. She knew her brother used drugs and she complained to him. Then they argued.

One morning when they are at school, Pick and his friends fight at school. He came back home. His parents advise him. He doesn’t listen to his parents again.

One week ago, he went to smoke drugs with his friends. The police caught them and brought them to the prison.