Writing Through in Mexico

Although one of the world’s larger economies, Mexico is a country with rampant poverty and social inequality. Although it boasts one of the world’s most influential ancient cultures, its modern history has been beset by violence and social unrest. It is now considered a developing country, and its population often struggles to achieve adequate education and promising futures. Writing Through has started its outreach in Oaxaca, a tourist destination which still finds local residents struggling to improve their own lives. In many ways, the challenges are similar to those we have discovered in Siem Reap, Cambodia. In Mexico, Writing Through aims to work with organizations helping to bring better education and opportunity to its citizens.

Our current and past Partners in Mexio include:

Oaxaca Lending Library has evolved into a Library that it is more than a collection of materials. It also has become a community center, educational events hub, and outreach point to the Oaxacan community.

The Oaxaca Learning Center Established in 2005, the Oaxaca Learning Center addresses the great deficiency in education of students from low income households in Oaxaca.  It helps them to succeed academically and, crucially, to gain confidence in developing and meeting their own goals.  Since 2005 it’s helped over 3,000 young people from Oaxaca transform their lives.


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