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Writing Through in the USA

The United States is a huge and diverse nation. For many, it is the fabled land of opportunity. But for some, those opportunities still feel out of reach. The country’s size and diversity often create an uneven access to education, economic advancement and societal success. Writing Through aims to increase the availability of opportunity wherever it is needed throughout the United States, helping its wide variety of citizens develop thinking skills and literacy, and to find their own voices through artistic expression.

Our Partners in the USA include:

The Hope Storytelling Project recognizes the importance poetry can have in not just combating loneliness, but in providing healing for individuals.

Youth Advocates Club is a student-led club organization focused on tackling academic, financial and cultural barriers inhibiting student success on West Covina High School’s campus, inspiring students to be advocates for themselves and their peers.


Writing Through changes lives, but we cannot do it without your support.