One of the key objectives at Writing Through is to amplify marginalized voices,  helping to share stories that need to be told. To that end,  we have created a group of multi-media projects which you can access below. Hear directly from our wonderful participants, collaborators and team in order to better understand diverse global experiences.


Listen to the Writing Through podcast entitled From The Magic Pencil: Voices of Writing Through. The episodes consist of conversations with poets, teachers, students, volunteers and creative people from all walks of life. We discuss creativity, writing, intercultural living, and how we can change the world. Each episode is between twenty and thirty minutes – the perfect length for your morning commute or quick run.


You can listen from your preferred platform, following the links below

Poem Videos

In this series of videos, we have combined the words of our brilliant writers and added visual elements to add an extra layer. Each two or three-minute video presents a beautiful, unique poem in a new way,  providing visual evidence of the changes Writing Through makes in its participants’ view of the world and themselves.


Writing Through changes lives, but we cannot do it without your support.