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Writing Through is an international educational US-registered non-profit which partners with local organizations to provide specially developed workshops where creative writing is used as a tool to develop thinking skills, creativity, language fluency and self-esteem. Writing Through is non-sectarian and operates in all communities that can benefit from our work, creating spaces which aim to amplify every voice.

The Why

Research shows that 30% to 50% of school systems globally rely on rote memorization. Yet research also shows that today’s world needs engaged and contributing citizens who are able to think conceptually and critically, know what they believe, and have the confidence and poise to stand up and say it in their own voices. These skills, which are so crucial to intellectual enrichment and personal advancement, are not always taught in school systems. At Writing Through, we know that creative language training and exposure to the arts creates new perspectives and opens minds, all of which lead to self-esteem. The combination of creative thinking, language skills and self-esteem will open minds, one poem, one story at a time.

The What

Writing Through uses a unique pedagogy of in-person and online workshops, which focus on creative writing of poetry, stories, and journal entries. We partner with local organizations to bring this skills acquisition program to the at-risk and marginalized segments of their communities. Our process includes a specially designed, unique format of proven techniques such as themes, prompts, brainstorming, and presentation skills. We break down barriers between student and teacher while establishing mutual respect, thus creating a safe space for learning that encourages students to think in new ways, investigating and sharing their dreams and experiences. Workshop Facilitators are trained by Writing Through and are fluent in either English or Spanish. If workshop participants use the workshop language as a second or third language, we utilize the in-class assistance of a local teacher. In this way, our programs can be adapted to students with a wide range of language abilities. This also supports our goal of long-term sustainability through local teacher training.


Workshops in 5 countries
Poems & stories written
Fully trained facilitators
Partner organizations

How It Began

The creative writing workshop is a good program. It helps me to understand and know lots of things everywhere all over the world. This makes me be happy

A student, Anjali House
I had the pleasure to be actively involved in the Creative Writing Workshops in 2013, and to see the result of the workshops in 2014. At both times I was amazed about the creativity and communication skills the students managed to show. Sue triggers the students to use their imagination and gives them the trust that everyone can be a writer or poet. I consider the boost these workshops and the final presentation give to the students’ confidence as one of the best parts of the program.
Young Adult Program Coordinator, Anjali House

I learned how to read and talk to a public in English, with a microphone, and how to stand well and control my gesture. I learned self-confidence. Sue told me that with confidence, we can do what we think we can’t. I also learned to work in a team, while we did the group brainstorming. Please do it again!

A student, Enfants du Mekong
I didn’t know before what to expect from the workshop, and I have to say, I was even a little bit afraid that the English level of our students would be too low to make it really work. But Sue made the best come out of them, starting with confidence, and they really impressed me and themselves with great stories and poems!
Coordinateur des programmes de parrainage, Enfants du Mekong

For the first time, I can write a story by myself and I understand well what do I have to think about initially before writing it down. I think that writing a story makes us be able to think.

A student, Anjali House
Ms. Guiney was able to provide each student with valuable guidance and feedback, and the workshop was met with rave reviews from students and faculty alike.
Voices from Siem Reap December 2014 Newsletter, Caring for Cambodia
For all our students, Writing Through workshops has been an incredible experience! English is a real challenge for most of our students. Most of them thought they would not able to write any stories or poem in English. After 5 days only, the result is amazing. By using their own creativity and inspiration, thanks to the talent of the facilitator, they were able to present to the group their own story, with pride and self confidence. Writing Through is, more than anything, a self esteem workshop!
Claude Colombie, Sala Baï Program Director


Writing Through changes lives, but we cannot do it without your support.