Writing Through in Singapore

In its 50-year existence, Singapore has emerged as one of the most highly developed countries in Southeast Asia. Education is highly valued and resourced, but emphasis has been on fact-based learning, specializing in science and math. In addition, there are at-risk populations here who have not benefited from the Singaporean educational system and are in need of support. Writing Through aims to work with Singaporean organisations whose goals are to help these at-risk communities while also addressing the stated desire to further develop creativity, risk-taking and self-esteem within the Singaporean educational system.

Our Partners in Singapore include:

ART:DIS (formerly Very Special Arts Singapore) is a local charity organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to be involved in the arts. For the past 24 years, ART:DIS has been running successful art programmes, workshops, competitions and art exhibitions for the special needs community, creating awareness among members of the public of their immense talent and resilience.

Society for WINGS is a non-profit Institution of Public Character focused on empowering women to embrace ageing with confidence, enabling them to take charge of their health (and that of their families), become self-reliant, financially independent and stay connected to the community through volunteerism.

HOME, a migrant worker organization that provides counseling, shelter, legal aid and skills training to domestic, construction, shipyard and service sector workers.

Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre (RTC) seeks to provide a safe and healing living environment for teenage girls who have been repeatedly abused by applying effective clinical therapies to help them become healthy individuals who are able to successfully reintegrate with their schools, families and society.

PPIS is a non-profit social welfare organisation dedicated to working with women of all ages in carrying out their multiple roles in society.

The Institute of Technical Education is a principal provider of career and technical education that prepares Singapore for the future economy.


Writing Through changes lives, but we cannot do it without your support.