One year ago, there was a girl who studied in middle school at the village near the lake. But in that village, there was only a middle school, so she needed to change schools to continue to study at the Aranh High School. The school was quite far from home, but she had an old bicycle and she always went to school on her bike.

The first day of school, she didn’t know anyone in school. Then she went to the class and sat down on the first chair in class. After she sat down, two girls walked into the class. They sat next to each other and the lonely girl. One day the teacher made a group discussion about history of Angkor wat at school. The teacher assigned people to the groups. one group had three people. They became best friends. One of the three girls has the family problems. That girls is forced to quit her study by her family, and she was so sad. Even if she has a lot of problems, she always could share her problems with her best friends and they would find the solutions together. Reaksa is happy to share her problems with her best friends.

All in all, she is encouraged by her best friends, she believes in herself and keeps studying hard. Especially, she has a beautiful smile with Chanthouen and Srey Roath forever. Our lives are full of happiness and it will be sunshine again. Our dreams also come true!

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Knowing Your Mistake Helps Keep You Safe

In a small village in the countryside, there is a new high school that was just finished. The name of that school is Aranh Sakor CFC High School. Sreynich, Sreyrai, and Reatrey study there. They are best friends. They grew up together and always play together. But they behave differently from each other.

Every day, they always go to school together and are happy together. One day, the teacher says, “We need students to be in the student council.” So, Sreynich and Reatrey they want to be in student council, but Sreyrai doesn’t want her best friends to be in student council, because all of the other students they never like student council. However, they strongly disagree with Sreyrai and they become student council.

One summer morning Reatrey and Sreynich go to check students. At the moment, there are a group of students who skip class and rebel students come to school. So Sreynich and Reatrey saw them and then they argued with each other. The gang of students made trouble with Sreynich and Reatrey. When they go to study extra class, the gang of students was warning them. Sreynich and Reatrey told the teacher about all that was happening. The teacher instructed the gang of students, Sreynich, and Reatrey not to make trouble with youth council anymore and gave good advice to them. Then they stopped and changed to be the outstanding students in the school. They came to say “sorry” to Sreynich and Reatrey and that it was wrong of them before and they all became best friends forever.

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The Life of Orphans

In the village, there is a family of four members who live at the top of luxury. There are two children. Their names are Tim and Piseth. Tim is 18-years old and Piseth is 16-years old. They are students. Tim and Piseth are good students, good children, good friends, smart, and study hard. They are very kind and beautiful girls.

One day, their parents had an accident and passed away. Tim and Piseth become orphans; however, they never give up studying. During the nighttime, they work as waiters in the restaurant from 6:00pm to 12:00am. They try to earn a living to continue to finish their study at university. After they study, they will graduate. They have a goal to be teachers for development and education of other children in their village.

People living in the village regard their good example, respect, and are obedient to them. They always have hope, enjoy their life, and keep fighting all challenges for themselves and their community.

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Mother’s Mind

There is a poor family in Siem Reap. In the family, there are two members, a mother and her son named Nico. His father died when Nico was 15 years old. Nico is a smart student; he gets first grade every year. His mother is so excited and proud of him. He always helps his mother to do housework before he goes to school. When Nico goes to school, he has an examination and he can do all the exam. On the day of examination result, Nico gets the first grade. When his friends find out, they look down on him. They say, “You are rubbish picker son! You shouldn’t be outstanding student!” Suddenly, Nico goes back home and he cries. Then his mother comes back home. She saw her son crying and she asked, “Why do you cry?”

Nico said, “My friends look down on me and say that I’m a rubbish picker son.”

The mother pity her son. Then his mother sends him to study and live with his aunt and uncle in Phnom Penh. His mother sends the money to support her son via the aunt and uncle. Nico tries to study until he graduates grade 12. His uncle tells him that the money he used for studying was his mother’s money. When Nico heard that, he went back to Siem Reap to live with his mother. When he arrived home, he didn’t see his mother. He went to the Pagoda and he saw his mother. He hugged her and said, “Thank you my lovely mother, and I’m sorry that before I didn’t take care of you. I promise I’ll take care and support you.”.

Finally, Nico’s family has happiness!

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Mistake is a Life Experience

In Aranh village, there is a poor family of four people. Bopha a girl 15, Dara a boy
16, and their parents Phors and Sela. Bopha is a good student, a good friend, and a good
daughter. She is kind and loving. Dara is a playboy – he doesn’t respect his teachers, his
parents, or girls. And, he doesn’t try to study.

On Sunday afternoon, Bopha and Dara went to extra study class. Dara likes to annoy
the girls in the class. He says inappropriate words to them. The girls are angry; they also
feel down and depressed. The girls are tired of Dara’s harassment. Bopha is angry and sad
too. She feels awful about what her brother does. The girls hate Dara. Dara and Bopha

Bopha says, “You don’t harass these girls! You should change your behavior I just
remind you!”

The other girls say, “You are a rude boy! We hate you Dara!”
Dara reply’s, “I am showing off for my friends! I don’t care what you feel or think! I
like doing this!”

The girls tell Dara to go away. When he is alone, he feels guilty about his behavior.
Dara returns home. At home, he talks to his parents. Phor and Sela give him good advice to
help him change his ways. Dara returns to the class to study.

He says to his classmates, “I’m sorry.”

The girls forgive him.

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