There is a poor family in Siem Reap. In the family, there are two members, a mother and her son named Nico. His father died when Nico was 15 years old. Nico is a smart student; he gets first grade every year. His mother is so excited and proud of him. He always helps his mother to do housework before he goes to school. When Nico goes to school, he has an examination and he can do all the exam. On the day of examination result, Nico gets the first grade. When his friends find out, they look down on him. They say, “You are rubbish picker son! You shouldn’t be outstanding student!” Suddenly, Nico goes back home and he cries. Then his mother comes back home. She saw her son crying and she asked, “Why do you cry?”

Nico said, “My friends look down on me and say that I’m a rubbish picker son.”

The mother pity her son. Then his mother sends him to study and live with his aunt and uncle in Phnom Penh. His mother sends the money to support her son via the aunt and uncle. Nico tries to study until he graduates grade 12. His uncle tells him that the money he used for studying was his mother’s money. When Nico heard that, he went back to Siem Reap to live with his mother. When he arrived home, he didn’t see his mother. He went to the Pagoda and he saw his mother. He hugged her and said, “Thank you my lovely mother, and I’m sorry that before I didn’t take care of you. I promise I’ll take care and support you.”.

Finally, Nico’s family has happiness!