Knowing Your Mistake Helps Keep You Safe

In a small village in the countryside, there is a new high school that was just finished. The name of that school is Aranh Sakor CFC High School. Sreynich, Sreyrai, and Reatrey study there. They are best friends. They grew up together and always play together. But they behave differently from each other.

Every day, they always go to school together and are happy together. One day, the teacher says, “We need students to be in the student council.” So, Sreynich and Reatrey they want to be in student council, but Sreyrai doesn’t want her best friends to be in student council, because all of the other students they never like student council. However, they strongly disagree with Sreyrai and they become student council.

One summer morning Reatrey and Sreynich go to check students. At the moment, there are a group of students who skip class and rebel students come to school. So Sreynich and Reatrey saw them and then they argued with each other. The gang of students made trouble with Sreynich and Reatrey. When they go to study extra class, the gang of students was warning them. Sreynich and Reatrey told the teacher about all that was happening. The teacher instructed the gang of students, Sreynich, and Reatrey not to make trouble with youth council anymore and gave good advice to them. Then they stopped and changed to be the outstanding students in the school. They came to say “sorry” to Sreynich and Reatrey and that it was wrong of them before and they all became best friends forever.