In a family, there are parents Chamreun and Rady, and a daughter, Pechary. Pehcary is short, generous, and she likes helping her friends. When she goes to school, she meets a new friend, Nary. Nary doesn’t like Pechary. She always disturbs Pechary by saying bad things, but Pechary doesn’t care about her and smiles right back to her.

One Monday morning, Nary said to Pechary nasty words, “Pechary, I hate you! I don’t like you! You are too short!”

Pechary replied, “If you hate me, it is your right. But I never hate. I love you. I like you. You are also my good friend.”

On Monday afternoon, when Nary went back home, she had an accident and she could not walk. She sat in a wheelchair. After four days, she was better and she went to school, but no one talked with her and played with her. She felt alone. One day, her classmate Nisa said, “You are disadvantaged person!”

When Pechary hears this, she tries to tell Nisa, “You shouldn’t say that! No one is disadvantaged person. Every person is good and better.” When Nisa hears that, she is shy and apologizes to Nary.

“I’m sorry Nary,” says Nisa.

Nary smiles and replies, “It’s okay.”

Then Nisa goes away. After that, Nary asks Pechary, “Why are you good to me? I did many bad things with you.”

Pechary replies, “I told you already. You are also my good friend. My parents always advise me to forgive is the best way to live altogether.” Nary smiled with her tears and said, “I’m sorry, thanks for your kindness.”

Pechary replies, “It’s okay. We are good friends forever. We smile altogether and keep on our dreams and forgive each other.”