In Aranh village, there is a poor family of four people. Bopha a girl 15, Dara a boy
16, and their parents Phors and Sela. Bopha is a good student, a good friend, and a good
daughter. She is kind and loving. Dara is a playboy – he doesn’t respect his teachers, his
parents, or girls. And, he doesn’t try to study.

On Sunday afternoon, Bopha and Dara went to extra study class. Dara likes to annoy
the girls in the class. He says inappropriate words to them. The girls are angry; they also
feel down and depressed. The girls are tired of Dara’s harassment. Bopha is angry and sad
too. She feels awful about what her brother does. The girls hate Dara. Dara and Bopha

Bopha says, “You don’t harass these girls! You should change your behavior I just
remind you!”

The other girls say, “You are a rude boy! We hate you Dara!”
Dara reply’s, “I am showing off for my friends! I don’t care what you feel or think! I
like doing this!”

The girls tell Dara to go away. When he is alone, he feels guilty about his behavior.
Dara returns home. At home, he talks to his parents. Phor and Sela give him good advice to
help him change his ways. Dara returns to the class to study.

He says to his classmates, “I’m sorry.”

The girls forgive him.