One year ago, there was a girl who studied in middle school at the village near the lake. But in that village, there was only a middle school, so she needed to change schools to continue to study at the Aranh High School. The school was quite far from home, but she had an old bicycle and she always went to school on her bike.

The first day of school, she didn’t know anyone in school. Then she went to the class and sat down on the first chair in class. After she sat down, two girls walked into the class. They sat next to each other and the lonely girl. One day the teacher made a group discussion about history of Angkor wat at school. The teacher assigned people to the groups. one group had three people. They became best friends. One of the three girls has the family problems. That girls is forced to quit her study by her family, and she was so sad. Even if she has a lot of problems, she always could share her problems with her best friends and they would find the solutions together. Reaksa is happy to share her problems with her best friends.

All in all, she is encouraged by her best friends, she believes in herself and keeps studying hard. Especially, she has a beautiful smile with Chanthouen and Srey Roath forever. Our lives are full of happiness and it will be sunshine again. Our dreams also come true!