In one village, there is a poor family of two people. The grandmother’s name is Chea. She is 70-years old and the granddaughter’s name is Cheata, she is 14-years old. Cheata has lived with her grandmother since she was born because her parents died. Cheata is kind, friendly, loving, clever, and she always helps her classmates when they don’t understand about a lesson. She always helps her neighbors to do things like she brings them food when they are sick. Her grandmother is a kind and friendly person too. She likes to cook and her food is delicious. She always values and motivates Cheata’s studying. Unfortunately, she has a disease, so could not live with Cheata for a long time. Cheata didn’t know about the disease her grandmother had because her grandmother didn’t want see Cheata sad.

Her grandmother always tried to be happy and to do things for herself. One day Cheata went to study and she forgot her book so she came back home. When she arrived, she saw a lot of people because her grandmother was severely sick. Cheata cried and asked, “What happened with my grandmother?” She hugged and cried with her grandmother. At her last breath, her grandmother told Cheata that, “I want you to be stronger person however I don’t live with you anymore. You can do everything if you work hard enough. Whatever happens you don’t give up.” After she said that, she died. Cheata cried a lot and she always remembered her grandmother’s advice. Four years ago, Cheata became a businesswoman. She is stronger person and she always helps poor people. Her grandmother’s advice always reminds her to do good things.