At first, I think that I’m the person who don’t have importance for everyone.
But now I stop thinking these ideas every day.
I’m a person living in the world,
that place makes people happy, sad, excited, amazing.
In the world, the first place for me is to be a strong person,
although I’m a silent person.
But I will try to study for
my family,
my society.
Because I want to be a good person in the world
When I stay alone, I always think I don’t have anyone to care about me.
But I still have huge hope for me.
My hope is success in my life and to be important for everyone,
to share my important ideas to everyone
know all, together
and help each other when we have problems.
I will be happy with you.
I will be sad with you.
My life will be light and get successful.
At last, I will have more smiles for the world!