Trying is One Step of Successful

In the world, most people have a lot of places.
Tonle Sap
Some temples.
Although this can make them happy, smile, laugh, happiness
when they are having some problem, tell of them and solve together.
They are like the family, my friends
most of the time we join together to do something in the group.
A lot of people need the good time, with beautiful places.
Humans who love you, give a chance to each other.
All of this can create, new idea,
good meaning, modern idea.
So, I have a good best friend. Our place is to share
some ideas, knowledge, dreams, future.
They will be successful for everything they want.
Although we must have good relationship for them!!!

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Sometimes, everybody always can,
feel down,
When someone who doesn’t value or feel motivation
about their studying, their job.
But don’t worry, don’t be afraid!
Don’t forget that you have your parents.
They’ll motivate you every time when you are:
sad, disheartened
feel down,
They always stay with you, don’t leave you.
remember that.
However, whatever happened you don’t give up.
You must be strong.
This is what your parents want from you.

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Temple is a Legacy of Culture

Ta Prohm, a historic place – a lot of stones, trees, good weather – are beautiful. All people
live in Cambodia like to visit there because everyone wants to know about something there.
Everyone is happy to see ancient temple, we smile together, dance together.
Our place is good for being together.
My place is to be strong for us, for everyone.
My place is to develop.
My place is to help make the world better.
help to develop.
help to take care.
I want to be a teacher, because I want to help society group up.
I study…
improve my English skills.

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The Heritage in Cambodia

Ta Prohm is beautiful
My country has a lot of temples.
Patronized by king and queen, we help each other.
Have stones and the forests around them.
This place is attractive; tourists want to visit.
It’s mine Ta Prohm… interesting tree roots cover stone.
I want to bring my best friends, go to this place.
We smile, happy, share knowledge, problems, dreams,
help each other.
My place is to be a good person in the society.
to be a strong person for us, for everyone,
to develop my country for the people,
find a good profession.
My place is to take care of everything that my country had before, to be better.
I should work hard, study hard, do everything to save my country.

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Temple is Our Proud

In Cambodia, we have a good temple, it’s Angkor Wat temple.
The stones, trees, are beautiful,
the people visit there,
the Angkor Wat building by a king,
a queen
lived here.
It has color grey, sometimes it had gold.
We are happy
excited to see ancient temple,
it has the forest, water around it.
When we look from the top, it looks amazing,
The Angkor Wat temple is a good place,
but my place is to be a happy person because
I have amazing temple,
famous temple.
My place is to help make the world better.
But we must conserve and develop,
to be better!

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I Can’t Live Without My Best Friend

Our place is share knowledge and dreams.
Friend’s place is to help each other when we make mistakes.
Friend’s place is to help us when we want to give up everything.
Friend’s place is to help our dreams come true in the future.
Friend’s place is to help us when we are sad or when we can’t do it.
Friend’s place is to be a strong person for us and everyone.
So, we always smile together and dance together.
We are happy together, sad together, playful together and we
can’t forget this memory that we made together.
You know everyone, we promise together that we finish college.
We don’t forget the good or bad stories that we made in high school,
My high school…
I love you because you can teach me and,
you make me know about best friends and,
make me know about everything that happened in my life.
My life is beautiful when I met you – you became my best friends.
My heart says to me: “You must love all your best friends”!

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