Our place is share knowledge and dreams.
Friend’s place is to help each other when we make mistakes.
Friend’s place is to help us when we want to give up everything.
Friend’s place is to help our dreams come true in the future.
Friend’s place is to help us when we are sad or when we can’t do it.
Friend’s place is to be a strong person for us and everyone.
So, we always smile together and dance together.
We are happy together, sad together, playful together and we
can’t forget this memory that we made together.
You know everyone, we promise together that we finish college.
We don’t forget the good or bad stories that we made in high school,
My high school…
I love you because you can teach me and,
you make me know about best friends and,
make me know about everything that happened in my life.
My life is beautiful when I met you – you became my best friends.
My heart says to me: “You must love all your best friends”!