Challenges are the Light of Success

Comfortable place, has good environment,
happy, safe, warm, safety.
They are sad because they live in a bad
They are happy, they are finished!
They are forced to go to get success,
to be successful.
She will be a journalist.
He will be a pilot at the airport and have lots of tourists.
These things have challenges,
we must fight the challenges we face.
We will see the sunshine after the rain.
My life will be beautiful like a rainbow!

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Join to Develop Places

A place has different kinds. It’s a friend’s place and,
a place we stay…
Friend’s place is to help each other
We smile together,
Our place is to share knowledge,
My place is to be a good person.
My place is to develop,
help and,
make the world better.
So, I need to improve my knowledge,
create good things or,
to make the country and the world get better.
Not only me, we must join together!!

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The Place is Happy

Ta Prohm a historic place because it is 1,000 or more years old. Ta Prohm was built by a
King. A queen lived here and it has stones, trees, and it is beautiful. People can visit Ta
Prohm, foreigners and people are happy to go there. The stones have color grey, the trees
green, the sky blue.
We can visit forest around the lake, travel on the lake and
imagine for future,
our future.
We are happy together
dance together,
smile together,
sad together,
learn together.
My place is to be a happy person because…
strong person for us, for everyone.
develop, comfortable place.
But, we must conserve and develop to be better.

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Successful in My Life

At first, I think that I’m the person who don’t have importance for everyone.
But now I stop thinking these ideas every day.
I’m a person living in the world,
that place makes people happy, sad, excited, amazing.
In the world, the first place for me is to be a strong person,
although I’m a silent person.
But I will try to study for
my family,
my society.
Because I want to be a good person in the world
When I stay alone, I always think I don’t have anyone to care about me.
But I still have huge hope for me.
My hope is success in my life and to be important for everyone,
to share my important ideas to everyone
know all, together
and help each other when we have problems.
I will be happy with you.
I will be sad with you.
My life will be light and get successful.
At last, I will have more smiles for the world!

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Warm Home

Everyone needs a home
Home is a good place
good safe.
When I stay at home with my family
I feel so warm, freedom
I don’t care about any problem when I stay at home.
Everywhere isn’t like our home.
We aren’t scared
When we are at home.
When we have a home, we can be sure about everything around us.
Home is really good.
I am proud, stronger, braver, dare.
I love my home.

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Advantage of English School

Everyone needs to learn English.
It can make us have a good life.
good job.
good speaking.
We need to study hard, work hard.
I want to share my idea about English with everyone.
When I can speak English, I am proud.
School is a good place for us.
We can know about everything when we go to school to study.
English school is really good for everybody.
It also has a lot of advantages.
Our dreams will come true,
With our success.

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Wonder of My Country

Ta Prohm is historic place. We can visit a lot of forests and temples. It has a lot of foreign
visitors at temple. I’m happy, funny, proud.
Tonle Sap Lake is a place for fisherman. When foreigners come to Cambodia – they always
go to Tonle Sap Lake.
It’s a travel place. It has lots of fish.
When a lot of foreigners come to Cambodia, I’m happy, funny, and I
want foreigners to come to Cambodia more.
I want to help my world, because this world gives the land for me to live.
I help my world by studying hard and find a good job.

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Place of Life

We wonder
What is going on around us?
What is happening in my future?
It will be happy, sad, or smile, hopeless, happiness.
We don’t know, but now
we smile together, dance together
Think together, share knowledge, help, dream.
It is our place now.
In the future
What is our place?
We will be a good person, a brave person,
a strong person, a lovely person,
a smart person.
Everything have place, but what place will be for me in the future?
I will be a strong person, help my friends, help people who I love.
A fantastic person,
A delighted person,
A generous person.
Every person have place, but we try to find a good place. Have advantage.
However, we love our place,
we love it, do it.
Everything have place and smile to do it.

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View on the Lake

We visit the forest around the lake – travel.
The travels on the lake… imagine my future, our future.
We are going to go to the lake, we see fish, fishing, a lifestyle.
House on the water.
We smile together, dance together, stay together,
We are happy together.
Then we study together with best friends.
Our place is to share knowledge.
We go visit around the lake and driver takes visitors around to look,
Green forest goes on and we eat fish together.

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Place of Future Plan

We are students and have duty to study and my duty is to listen to teacher teach.
When I finish my studies, I want to be a doctor.
I am happy to help people in the society, together.
I want to go to a beach because it is comfort
and my parents are happy for me.
Comfort makes me happy, fresh, but
I don’t have money, but I try to find it for my plan.
When I finish my studies.

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